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So I have this idea, its pretty far-fetched but I still think it’s within reach. I want to take my kids on an adventure, I want to show them what is inside text  books, I want to worldschool!

We recently went on a family camping trip to Riondel, BC, this beautiful little spot nestled in the woods on Kootenay lake. It was so breathtaking, this little piece of heaven, and it got me thinking, this is just one spot out of hundreds in BC, thousands in Canada or millions in the World. So the wheels started turning in my brain and I haven’t been able to shut them off since. How do we travel the world with 4 kids? How does my husband take the time off work? What do we do with our house? Where do we go? How do we travel with 4 kids? Oh wait I already said that one, well I guess its a big one!!  The truth is I have no answers to any of those questions…..yet!