Sometimes when I stop and think, I have to laugh, we never thought about homeschooling, it was never on our radar. It was a very last minute decision but now that we are 3 years into it I couldn’t imagine it any other way. There are so many things that I love about it and almost nothing I would change about it. Most of all I love the time we have. We have so much ‘free’ time to explore things and different interests. We aren’t tied down by a schedule, which can allow for spontaneous fun.


The kids and I decided that we were going to visit Dad at work and bring him a coffee (a typical weekly occurrence). Mr. F works close to a train station and when we got down there the kids were (as they always are) staring at the trains in amazement. Every time we see one go by they beg to go on one. We had no plans for the rest of the day so I decided, on a whim, to go jump on the train with the kidlets.

Off we went, bought my ticket (thankfully kids 6 and under ride free) and went to wait for our train. It was fun to watch the kids they were out of there safe zone and it was neat to see how cautious they were, they were excited but they were nervous at the same time.


Thankfully we only had to wait about 4 minutes for the next train. We hopped on and away we went. The train was a bit full so D and I had to stand  but B & S found a spot to sit and then with a jolt we were off. D was looking thru the front window to an empty cab watching the speedometer rise and fall with every station we stopped at. B was watching all the people on the train, and S was watching out the window at all that was speeding by.


Four stops later we arrived at our destination, we all hopped off and into the mall for some lunch. Here is where by brain quit working, Friday afternoon, downtown at lunch time, the food court was PACKED! So we searched for the shortest line up and wouldn’t you know it was a frozen yogurt shop (no complaints from the kids today). The kids picked their flavours and then watched in amazement how a package of yogurt and some frozen fruit can be turned into such a delicious treat. Next we had to find a place to sit (again what was I thinking Friday, downtown at lunch time). We wandered around and I think we found the best seat in the house…. on the floor watching fish.



The kids could not get over the fish, I think we sat there for about 30 mins. They were bright in colour, huge in size and fun to watch (even I got sucked in). After each having a bowl of frozen yogurt, we had to find a place to burn off some energy. Luckily for us there is an indoor park (I love this place in the winter).


There might not have been any text books or worksheets today but there was a ton of learning and more importantly…. FUN!