Today was one of those days that you wish you could replicate over and over again. It’s days like today that I really soak in the love of homeschooling and look forward to having more days like this over the years. It’s hard, trying to homeschool, keep 2 preschoolers occupied, and keep an eye on the insanely curious baby. But today all the cards fell into place and it was wonderful.


Earlier in the week I had started the daunting task of cleaning out our pantry. While I was cleaning I came across 4 boxes of corn starch (I had purchased for this reason but lost in the black whole that is our pantry), 2 boxes of baking soda and some tin trays for baking. I dug up a few droppers from old medicine bottles and an ice cube tray….Oh and I also found some vinegar.


First we decided to have some fun with baking soda, vinegar and food colouring. The kids took the ice cube tray and food colouring and mixed a bunch of different colours, then we added the vinegar. I made a dish for each of the kids with baking soda and they each got a dropper. I watched how each one of them went at it differently, B would suck up the vinegar, burry the dropper in the baking soda, then squeeze it all out and watch the bubbles grow. S was more interested in the dropper and sucking the water in and out. He mixed and mixed and mixed and would drop a few little drops in. D was very curious about the dropper itself, and how it worked.

IMG_7971 IMG_7967

Once we had run out of baking soda, we moved onto what we like to call ‘Gobbly Goop’. Easy peasy – corn starch, water and food colouring. It always amazes me no matter how much we play with this it never gets old. Even for me! I find myself getting sucked in. It’s fascinating, its a solid and a liquid.

IMG_7974 IMG_7973

We recently put up a map of Canada and The World. We have started to talk to the kids about traveling and world schooling so we thought we would start studying the world. I asked D to pick a country he was interested in and he chose Egypt.  So the rest of the afternoon was spent silent. D researching Egypt, B playing games online, S reading a book and mom watching the beauty of learning.

IMG_7983 IMG_7985