Wow, my poor wannabe blog over here has been neglected for way to long. We have been super busy with life, and the holidays and things are now starting to get back to normal. I have a boat load of pics to upload and blog post ideas, so hopefully I will catch up in the month of February.

School zone – we have been doing a lot of science experiments lately and all the kids are really enjoying them.  We bought a magnetic kit with about 5 or 6 different experiments in it. The kids favourite so far has been the magnetic car, and I have to admit its my fave too. I have to laugh at myself at how I get sucked into all these things just like the kids. They have also been fishing with magnets, trolling around the house looking for things that are magnetic and non magnetic, figuring out why magnets attract and why the repel.   We have also been studying different states of matter and all about liquids. We have layered many different liquids to see which is heavier, D made apple juice popsicles and watched the fun of a liquid turning solid.

D has been reading lots of poetry and writing a few of his own. Kid poetry and creative writing has to be my favourite thing to read, they are so totally random and its fun to watch their imagination explode on paper. He was also gifted a box set of Roald Dahl books that he is loving. He has read about 5 of them in the past couple weeks and is currently reading James and the Giant Peach. As a treat I bought tickets for the whole family to see the play that a local theatre is putting on. Should be fun.

B is interested in everything school, so she is constantly running around the house counting everything she can and using up every blank piece of paper in the house to practice printing and spelling. The amount of information little brains can absorb is fascinating.

Life zone – my husband is finishing his parental leave up and will sadly be returning to work on Monday. We have had such a wonderful 8 months together, and we will all be sad when he goes back to work. Our little d is having his first birthday on Sunday and we are wondering, yet again, where the time has gone. We are currently on a little mini vacation and soaking the last few days up.

Until next time…….