I love how much my kids love the outdoors. Snow started falling in the evening and the kids all sat at the window watching these big beautiful snowflakes fall. Declan was just in awe at what he was watching. This will be his first ‘real’ winter as last year he was just a wee babe. As soon as we were done breakfast and school, the kids were digging out snow suits, boots, mitts and scarves. 20 minutes later 4 abominable snowmen were ready to hit the snow.

Bella set out right away to rolling up balls to make a snowman, Domonik dove directly in to the snow to make a snow angel, Sylas started making snow balls and Declan just sat down and started investigating what this white stuff was and how tasty it was.  Molly was ecstatic and just happy to be out with her crew chasing all the thrown snowballs and pouncing around in the snow.

What a great start to a wonderful season!