The day starts like any other, kids are all up trying to pull me out of bed, I’m doing everything in my power to just get 5 more minutes, too bad kids don’t have a snooze button. The last jump on my face from the baby is enough to get me up, I drag myself over to make a cup of coffee, sit on the couch and cuddle with my kids and watch some cartoons. I love Sunday! It is my favourite day of the week, it always has been and I’m sure it always will be. There is just something in the air that is relaxing and lazy. We have a rule that you aren’t allowed to get dressed on Sunday, and if we have to leave the house for any reason, PJ’s stay on under clothes so the moment we get home we can strip right back down to PJ’s. I usually bake all day, the kids come in to help throughout the day, Domonik and Sylas play lego for HOURS, Bella and Sylas usually can be heard in the basement playing babies and house and Declan lays on his car mat pushing is cars all over. I really don’t know what it is about sundays but it seems to chill out my kids, and I love it!1932358_10154869121050541_2977412283371732846_n