This is our 3rd annual Christmas activity advent calendar. The kids love it and honestly so do I.  So here are our 24 days.

Day 1 – Letters to santa – The kids love love love writing letters to Santa, its my favourite way to get everyone in the spirit.









Day 2 – Paper chains – This is such an easy craft that just brings me back to being a kid, and I love it.










Day 3 – Making cards for friends – this year we were in a Christmas card exchange that a friend of mine organized, it was a lot of fun!


Day 4 – Get a tree – we usually go up to my grandparents farm and cut down a tree but logistically it just wasn’t in the cards this year, so we bought one instead.


Day 5 – Decorate – The kids were pretty proud, they decorated the tree all on their own.


Day 6 – Kids christmas party – My husbands company put on a wonderful Christmas party for the kids, face painting, cookie decorating, bouncy castles, Santa, balloon animals, bumper cars, and trampolines. The kids were so spent by the end of the day, as were mom and dad.


Day 7 – Christmas cookies – we baked sugar cookies and then after dinner decorated them, I think more icing got on the table than the cookies.


Day 8 – Tobogganing and hot chocolate with friends – this ended up to be the perfect day for sledding, the sun was out the temperature was great! Two days later the snow was all melted.


Day 9 – Special lunch out with family – we had family come stay with us for a while, and so we went for a celebratory lunch the day they were leaving.


Day 10 – Indoor (warm) picnic by the christmas tree – It was so nice to slow down and have a lazy day with a picnic.


Day 11 – Gingerbread houses – It worked out great this year, I found a kit with four mini houses to create a village so the kids were pretty excited that they each got their own house.


Day 12 – Make and decorate ornaments or the tree – we have done this in previous years and its so easy and super fun. I found the recipe here.


Day 13 – Special Christmas movie with friends – This ended up to be a bit of a fail, we were planning to go see The Polar Express at the movie theatre, but when we arrived they were sold out. So we played at the library with our friends. When we got home Sylas recommended that we turn off the lights and pretend we were at the theatre, so thats what we did.


Day 14 – Making bird feeders for our winter friends – this was a super easy craft and the kids really got a kick out of it. We just spread peanut butter on toilet paper rolls, then rolled them in bird seed, tied a string around them and put them up in our tree for some winter friends.


Day 15 – Hot chocolate, Christmas music, and lights – I don’t know what it is but I just love driving around looking at lights. The kids get so excited with all the lights, and we blast Christmas tunes in the car and its awesome.


Day 16 – A morning of kid inspired Christmas crafts – I love watching the kids get creative and make their own creations.


Day 17 – Edible Christmas trees – I think the kids favourite activities include any candy they can eat. I got the idea here.


Day 18 -Family Christmas games – The kids had a blast with these ones, we played ‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’. The kids wrapped themselves up in toilet paper and then decorated with buttons, nose, hats and scarves. I found the idea here. We also played Snowman Slam which I found here.


Day 19 – Stuffing socks for people in need – A local charity had a few ideas on how to help for the holidays. This one included taking a pair of socks and stuffing it full of little necessities. So we stuffed them with shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, a couple snacks, chap stick, gum and some chocolate. We set up an assembly line and away they went.


Day 20 – Domoniks Piano recital – Domonik has been playing for about 6 months and this was his first performance, he did such a great job. (I apologize for the shakiness, I had a busy toddler on my lap)

Day 21 – Solstice – Such a beautiful night, we made a fire in the back yard, roasted hotdogs and marshmallows. I took the kids for a walk at sunset, then we came home lit all the candles and turned off all the lights. Such a beautiful night to celebrate Solstice.


Day 22 – Bestie sleepover – I think this is everyones favourite night, my best friend usually comes and has an ‘Auntie Steph’  sleepover with the kids. They played games all night with her and after they went to bed I got to hang with the Bestie!


Day 23 -Daddy Christmas – Unfortunately this year my husbands schedule had him out of town on Christmas so we celebrated with Dad a couple days early.


Day 24 – Christmas eve traditions – We do the same things every year, snowman pancakes for breakfast, bake cookies for Santa, set out luminaries at sunset, open Christmas Eve pyjamas and read ‘Twas the night before Christmas’



Merry Christmas!