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I love our local science centre so much, and so do the kids. We try to go once a week or every other week. They always have new workshops going on and the staff there are WONDERFUL! Today in the creative kids area (geared toward the 8 and under crowd)  Sylas and Bella worked with the staff to capture shadows. They had an area curtained off in the corner with a bunch of lights, different shapes and charcoal.  The two of them sat there for about half an hour trying out different shapes while the staff was on the floor with them helping them along.



We moved to the atrium area to have lunch, where we played with the cloud cannon. The kids really like this activity.




After lunch we moved up to the open studio which is definitely the big kids favourite area. They have a workshop area where they are always working on a big project and kids can usually go in to help saw, drill, etc. Sylas would gladly stay here all day. Today he worked hard, and an hour or so later he removed his goggles and came to show me that his hair was all sweaty from working so hard.



Bella is usually all over the place but today she was really into the wardrobe area, she made and Anna dress, from frozen.




They have a little photo booth area that Declan really enjoys so him and I usually hang out there taking our pics over and over and over and over and over. Today Bella joined us. They have some really cute props that the kids really enjoy .


I lost Domonik to the animation area, where today he spent about an hour or so adding in sound effects to an animated story about Humpty dumpty.

Needless to say it was a busy day and by the time we got home, 3 out of 4 kids were passed out in the truck.

Another successful day at the science centre!!!