We finally took the plunge and bought a trailer. Its funny because the floorpan was never on our radar, we went to the dealer to look at a different one, when we got there it had sold and this one had just came in. Its a 2007 Cougar 301 BHS. It has 4 bunks in the back, one slide (couch and dinette) and a queen master bedroom up front.


2007 Cougar 301 BHS



Dinette and Couch



Kitchen and Master









Kids Bunks

 The kids were very eager to help with the demo. This is one of my favourite parts as well, I love the feeling of clearing it all out and starting with a clean slate.





We took off all the doors and cupboards, sanded and primed everything. As much as I love the finished product I don’t think I will ever do that again. It is such a small space and it doesn’t look like a lot of work, but it was. The cabinets and doors took one coat of primer and three coats of white paint and you can still see the wood in some spots, so I gave up and am telling everyone we are going for the antiqued look and we did it on purpose.



Now for putting it all back together. We bought a new couch from Ikea that fits perfectly and  gives us a little added storage. It pulls out into a sofa bed which I really wanted for when we have our weekly movie nights. The chaise also lifts up for storage under. We removed the dinette and we are thinking we might just leave it as an open play area for the kids. We bought a folding table to use for when we have to do school work or its so cold we have to eat indoors. We also wanted to leave that space empty because we have to move the couch down in order to bring in the slide.


For the kids room, we bought them new bedding from Walmart, Domonik picked Mario Brothers, Bella picked Frozen, Sylas picked Lego and Declan chose Paw Patrol. The sheet set came with a flat sheet that my kids never use, so with the help of my Aunt and Grandma we cut them up and made a matching valence for each window and privacy curtain for each bunk. My Aunt also stencilled each of the kids name above their bed. The kids are in love.





We still have a lot of decorating and finishing touches to do but we are all thrilled with the make over and think this is going to be a great little home for the next year or two. I think what I might do is go room by room as we finish them and post a little bit about each room. Stay tuned…