Life has been a little bit crazy lately. We have been trying to prepare for having a baby, packing and purging in preparation for our big RV trip and just keeping up with everyday life. Everyone seems to be a little on edge lately and it was pretty obvious we all just needed to stop what we were doing and reconnect. So we looked to our summer to do list and decided to go check out Big Hill Springs Provincial Park. I thought it might be fun for the kids to do a little scavenger hunt while we were hiking so I printed them each off a list and equipped them with a camera to take pictures of all the things they would find.


Declan taking a picture of a flower.

It didn’t take very long into the hike until someone was hungry so we just found little green patch on the side of the path to sit and eat lunch. There were lots of picnic tables at the very beginning of the hike but we arrived the same time as a few day camps so it was pretty crowded.


Sometimes fitting 5 people and a dog in a picture is easier said than done.

There were a fair amount of hills throughout the hike but nothing our 2 year old couldn’t handle. We followed the little creek that runs through the park so Molly was very happy and kept cool the entire time. Declan insisted on walking her most of the way.


Waterfalls along the trail.


Hiking to the top of the hill.

It wasn’t until we were coming down the steep ‘short cut’ Sylas found that Declans legs got a little tired.


Tired little man.

Everyone agreed, once we got back to the truck, that ice cream was in order to help cool us all down.



Once we got home the kids were pretty eager to print off the pictures they had taken and match them up with our list.

IMG_1991 IMG_1987

Here are some of what they captured on their camera.


Something smooth.


Something bumpy.


A stick.




A flower.

Its really important to me the our kids learn to leave nature as is and untouched so they really enjoyed bringing the camera along. Our mission was accomplished, we had a wonderful time together as a family and everyone was feeling a little refreshed when we got home.  A friend of mine posted a quote on Facebook a while ago and it held true on this day; “You should sit in nature for 20 minutes a day, unless you are busy, then you should sit for an hour.” Im so glad we sat for an hour today.