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  1. Put all oils safely on the ground or in a lower cabinet – ours was above our stove, and during transport the cupboard door broke off and the olive oil spilt allllllll over our couch (side note – cornstarch doesnt work in the slightest to help clean up)
  2. Before you hook up to water, make sure all your taps are closed – We had never hooked up to water and the kids are always playing in the trailer and pretending to wash things etc. So when Brian hooked up to water the taps were all on and the sink overflowed into (thankfully) the bathtub (yay small RV bathroom) and all the things we had put in the bath tub for transport were now soaked.
  3. Check propane levels – we woke up on the first day and made a cup of coffee and just got breakfast on the go when mid pancake flip we ran out of propane. Good thing the kids like granola bars and fruit for breakfast.
  4. Don’t trade bikes with campground friends – Bella and a little boy decided to trade bikes and go for a ride, they came around a corner too fast, and the little boy hit a car (don’t worry he was fine) and trashed Bella’s bike.
  5. Check batteries in your vehice – yay for us our “big awesome” truck has two batteries, should be great right? Wrong!! All it means is that when you are stranded in a parking lot with 5 kids you now have two batteries to replace. $450 later we are up and running.

We had a lot thrown at us this past week and while all of it at times was a bit much and just about put me over the edge, in the end we are all a little stronger for it. We eventually learned to just laugh, because really thats all you can do.


A moment of much needed reflection that I needed as a reminder that we were doing the right thing.