We all woke up very eager to go on our ‘first’ real adventure. So far up until now we have been driving pretty well for the past 3 days only stopping to sleep and get groceries. Needless to say the kids also had a lot of pent up energy to burn off. So we set off to the Bighorn National Forest, it was a pretty grey day with some clouds around the tops of the mountains.


It was a pretty steep drive the whole way up switch backing all the way to the top (~7900ft), but it was really neat because they had signs every so often telling you what kind of rock it was and how old it was.


Story goes that about 75 million years ago the earths crust began to grind together, it buckled and heaved and the Bighorn mountains were formed.

We thought we would try and find a trail closer to the top but it turns out that hunters were out of full force so we decided to stay closer to the base.


We had a geocahce to find so we set of looking. Along the way the kids found a little camp  where someone had made a little shelter and created a fire pit.


We hiked up a little further and with a little help from dad the kids found the geocache. They traded a few goodies, signed the log book and then headed back down to have lunch around the camp.




While the kids were eating lunch Brian was playing fetch with Molly, he was picking up the stick and saw some wildlife down below. We didnt know what it was so we packed up and hightailed it out of there, not really wanting to be lunch.