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When planning for our trip and mapping out our route, the Devils Tower had been the first big stop on our way.  So we were all so very excited. The drive up was a bit of a tease, every time we came over a hill and got closer to the tower we would look off into the distance to see if we could see it and we never could. It wasn’t until we were only a couple miles away that it came within range.  But when it did the kids went wild with excitement.


We were all giddy as we entered the park (which, thanks to our 4th grader was a free pass). But once we got out of the truck things went a little south, the kids were done and a couple of them were just in fowl moods. Its funny because I envision everyone  being in chipper moods when we do these things but the reality is we have 5 tiny humans and they’re not always going to be happy and peachy. But the important thing is we kept pushing on. There is a little hike around the base of the tower that is about 1.3 miles  (~2km).  There are longer ones, but for everyones sanity we chose the shortest one.  Its a really neat trail, not only do you get to see the tower from every angle but you also get to pass through 3 different habitats one of which was the ponderosa pine forest which was my fave.


Once we reached the half way mark we looked up and spotted 6 climbers on the tower. That was fun and the kids got a kick out of watching them come down. There is a lot of climbing traffic on the tower with the exception of the month of June. There is a voluntary climbing closer in June out of respect for the Indian culture. There are many ceremonies the american indians perform around the summer solstice, a very important spiritual time. Ceremonies are also performed all year round and you are asked to leave the prayer clothes you see untouched.




By the time were returned back to the truck the kids were all so tired. Luckily for us there was a KOA at the base of the tower. We decided to settle there for the night and marvel in its beauty for just a while longer.


Thank you Devils tower for giving us this day!