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DSC_0935After a couple weeks of touch and go weather, today was rather refreshing. The forecast was calling for 23 degrees so we planned a day at the Arbor Day Farm and were far from disappointed. Arbor Day Farm is 260 acres of pure natural beauty. It is a historic landmark in Nebraska City that must not be overlooked if you are ever in the area. There is almost too much to do here and I am now wishing that we wold have bought seasons passes as I think I could go there every day this week and take something away each day. It was a double thumbs up from the kids too, only after 4 hours of play and miles of walking did the complaints start to come.

We walked around the shorter loop first. Along the path there was no shortage of things to do, learn, read and see. There were animal tracks in the concrete for kids to guess who made them. There were little write ups on each and every species of tree, shrub or plant. There was art all throughout the forest, games for kids to play, balance beams made of old trees, climbing structures, educational notes, and little bird house type things where they would put an herb or plant inside with a mesh screen for you to smell and a little trap door you could open to find the answer. The kids favourite was sassafras…. they opened the flap and all cried out ROOT BEER.








We spent the majority of our day at the ‘Nature Explore Classroom’. There were about 8 stations where kids could build, play music, create art, play in the water or relax in a hammock reading a book.  Domonik spent a good chunk of time hanging out in a hammock reading and eating lunch. Declan found a wagon and proceeded to move things all over, Sylas and another little boy spent about an hour building and rebuilding houses and forts out of giant wood blocks, and Bella spent the afternoon skipping back and forth playing the oversized xylophones and playing hide and seek in the bushes. Oh and I should mention too that Haddie spent about an hour relaxing in the grass staring at the clouds and the sun.













We decided to check out one last trail before leaving and I was so glad we did, although I think it is what put the kids over the edge – it was a long one.









By the time we made it all the way around it was refreshing to come inside and take in the indoor theatre where they were playing a movie, “Trees in the movies”.


With each paid admission to the park you were allowed to bring home a seedling from their greenhouse, we opted to leave ours there as we don’t really have any place to plant it.

There was also a market where you could purchase baked goods, cider etc but I didnt even go there as I know I would bring way too much home. They also had a u-pick section where you could go pick either a 5 or 10 lb bag of your favourite variety of apples.

Seriously, this place was amazing, Go Nebraska!!