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We didn’t really know anything about Missouri when we drove in and were taken aback by its beauty, especially the more south we went.

Our first day we spent checking out Dewey Short Visitor Centre on Table Rock Dam, and the Shepard of the hills fish hatchery at the base of the dam.

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The following day we had a relaxing day around the campground. Brian took the kids for a bike ride down to the lake, they then decided that they wanted to go swimming. Only my crazy kids go swimming in a lake in November. Brrrrrr

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One day we drove into Branson and did a little touristy day downtown. We walked along some shops and took a trolly ride around the town.

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We cashed in our science centre passes again at the Discovery Center in Springfield. This place was huge and we had the whole place to ourselves. The kids really enjoyed the little make believe shops and house. They also had a really neat exhibit on simple machines, space and the human body.

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On November 11 we went into Branson for their Veteran’s Day Parade. It was very different than our Rememberance Day at home but a wonderful expeiernce to say the least.

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On our last day we took a day trip down to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to check out Onyx Caves. They were really neat but getting there was kind of crazy, we got a little lost and ended up going down some dirt roads and side highways, but we eventually made it. We had lunch in Eureka Springs and walked around their historic downtown.

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We were pleasentlly surprised by all Missouri (and some of Arkansas) had to offer. It wasn’t really on the top of our list but more so as a pit stop on the way to Memphis, but we ended up really loving the area… I love it when that happens.