This week we stayed just outside of Vicksburg which is right on the Mississippi.  We only stayed for 5 days, needless to say they were jam packed full of touristing goodness. 

The first day we checked out the Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum where coke was first bottled in the late 1800’s. It was a short jaunt through history but fun nonetheless. They had a lot of great memorabilia and I got a kick out of all their slogans over the past 100+ years. After that we headed for the Old Court House Museum. Sadly we didn’t last long. Declan was not having any part of it. We saw as much as we could and took as many pictures as we could before the melt downs took over. That will teach us to never try and do 2 museums in the same day. But on a good note we stumbled upon an amazing playground right on the Mississippi river and it was over flowing with kids.



Sunday we spent all day at the Grand Gulf Military State Park, it was fascinating to see all the old artifacts and stand where a battle took place many many years ago. Domonik and Bella enjoyed climbing the observation tower,  Sylas liked the old jail cell, and Declan of course was in love with the old fire truck and ladder wagon. He was very happy to have his picture taken with it.


Another ASTC win was on Monday as we ventured out to see the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. It was another hit. It was a great combination of museum and hands on/ live animals as well as nature trails. They had miles upon miles of nature trails, but with all the little legs in our family we chose the shortest loop. The kids really enjoyed the aquarium with the many different species of fish and turtles. They also had a really cute and fun dog exhibit which had us all thinking of Molly.


Our last day in the area we went to Vicksburg Military Nation Park to attempt our first Junior Ranger badge, and what a wonderful day it was. The kids all received booklets with worksheets and questionnaires on each page, the older kids were asked to complete at least 5 of the pages while the littles could kind of do what they could. I was really impressed with all the kids and their attention span for the activity because we were there for well over 4 hours and only saw about 1/3 of the whole park. The booklets were great and really engaged the kids and was a great motivator to keep them going. In the end they all earned their first, of hopefully many, Junior Ranger badge and Certificates.


Tomorrow we pack up and head for New Orleans, I can hear the music and taste the gumbo already.