Oh how we loved Austin…..

We arrived very early so once we were all unpacked and set up we went into town to get some lunch, we were told to check out Torchy’s Taco’s and boy were we glad we did, they were so good. After that we went for a nice leisurely stroll through the Botanical Gardens. The kids really enjoyed the ponds and watching the fish.

IMG_2167 IMG_2336 IMG_2328 IMG_2321 IMG_2199 IMG_2192 IMG_2189 IMG_2186 IMG_2179 IMG_2178

The next day we went searching for a little trail in town but couldn’t find it and ended up at Barton Springs, there was a huge playground so we played there all day long.

The kids were so excited that there was an outdoor swimming pool by the park that we had to go back the next day for a swim. Barton Springs is a natural spring that stays the same temp all year long – it was freezing but the kids didn’t care, and Brian was such a trooper and went in with them. We ended the day decorating ginger bread houses.

IMG_2421 IMG_2422 IMG_2427 IMG_2436 IMG_2470

The next day we went to check out The Thinkery, another stop on the ASTC passport program. This place was fabulous, Declan really liked building an airplane and then shooting it out of their little cannon. They had an excellent outdoor playground which everyone liked, and a great water exhibit which I am glad we saved for last because we all left soaking wet. Oh and the life size Lite Brite was a hit too.

IMG_2606 IMG_2614 IMG_2603 IMG_2576 IMG_2569 IMG_2579 IMG_2582 IMG_2599

We also went downtown to the state capitol buidling. They had a really great visitor centre and we took a tour of part of the capitol building. Domonik was looking through the telescope to see the statue on the top more closely and we noticed a bird sitting on the star. I tried to put my phone up to they eyelense and the picture turned out pretty well.

IMG_2834 IMG_2741 IMG_2733 IMG_2745 IMG_2817 IMG_2846 IMG_2830 IMG_2850 IMG_2972 IMG_2796 IMG_2799

Our last day was a rainy one, we spent the morning doing a little Christmas shopping, and in the afternoon we went into Bastrop to their Christmas market. They had lots for kids to do and the rain has subsided, the kids made crafts, watched a puppet show, decorated gingerbread houses and watched a christmas performance and some live music. It was a great day to round up our time here In the Austin area.

IMG_3042 IMG_3030 IMG_3053 IMG_3057 IMG_3058 IMG_3060 IMG_3065

Brian and I were a little sad to leave Austin, we really liked the feel of the area and everything the city had to offer. But on we must go. We have a crazy week ahead of us moving every couple days as we hope to see some really amazing sights through New Mexico… Stay tuned 🙂