Our week in New Mexico was a busy one, we wanted to see a few things but with temperatures being so low we also didn’t want to spend a ton of time there. So we planned on three different stops but due to a few repairs we needed to get done we only made it to two.

First stop was Carlsbad, we had been told by many that if we could we should take the kids to Carlsbad Caverns. So we did. Man was it a day. There is an elevator that takes you down to the lunch room 750 below ground. Lucky for us the day we went it was out of service. So we hiked down the natural entrance, 750+ feet of steep, knee busting switchbacks. It took us an hour to get down.  From there you can walk through “The Big Room” which we were told would be about an hour an half.  We knew that we had to hike back out, and not wanting to over do it with the littles we decided to save it for another visit. It took us an additional 1.5 hours to get back out, our kids rocked it, I was so proud at how they all made it back out and with grins on their faces. I wasn’t able to take too many pictures inside mainly for safety reasons but we snapped a few and a family photo at the end when we are all dying from exhaustion.



Working on Jr Ranger Badge


Working on Jr Ranger Badge


Scale model of the caverns


Going down



We made it!!


The second stop in New Mexico was Alamogordo to see the White Sands National Monument. Our plans changed a little because on the drive we realized that we were having some electrical problems with your trailer brakes. So our first day in Alamogordo was spent with Brian and the truck and trailer at the shop trying to get things sorted. Which they did, thankfully. Thank you Alamo RV, they were so helpful and worked so hard to get us in and fixed. The following day we were all very anxious to go see the White Sands. The kids were also very excited to be able to earn another Junior Ranger Badge. We watched a short video and looked around their visitors centre before driving in.


As you drive into the park the road gets more and more covered with sand and eventually its just all covered. They drive a plow truck through it regularly to keep the roads clear. Everyone was vibrating with excitement to go sledding, I think they’re all missing the snow back home a little. We did a little sledding, a lot of digging and playing. The kids were so wiped by the time we left, but they finished their booklets and received another badge to add to their collection.


The last day there we went to the Space History Museum, which we didn’t realize was another freebie on the ASTC program until we got there, so that was a nice surprise. The kids really enjoyed dressing up as astronauts and pretending to walk on the moon. They also had a whisper dish out front which they had a lot of fun with too.


New Mexico was beautiful, the two mountain ranges on either side of Alamogordo gave us beautiful sunrises and sunsets. We were kind of sad to be leaving but with the dropping temperatures we needed to push on. Lucky for us a huge snow storm blew through the week after we left.