I heart Sunday

The day starts like any other, kids are all up trying to pull me out of bed, I’m doing everything in my power to just get 5 more minutes, too bad kids don’t have a snooze button. The last jump on my face from the baby is enough to get me up, I drag myself over to make a cup of coffee, sit on the couch and cuddle with my kids and watch some cartoons. I love Sunday! Continue reading



I love how much my kids love the outdoors. Snow started falling in the evening and the kids all sat at the window watching these big beautiful snowflakes fall. Declan was just in awe at what he was watching. This will be his first ‘real’ winter as last year he was just a wee babe. As soon as we were done breakfast and school, the kids were digging out snow suits, boots, mitts and scarves. 20 minutes later 4 abominable snowmen were ready to hit the snow. Continue reading

Science, sensory and silence



Today was one of those days that you wish you could replicate over and over again. It’s days like today that I really soak in the love of homeschooling and look forward to having more days like this over the years. It’s hard, trying to homeschool, keep 2 preschoolers occupied, and keep an eye on the insanely curious baby. But today all the cards fell into place and it was wonderful. Continue reading